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Jarding has written op-ed pieces that have been published in Politico, the Washington Post On-Line, El Pais Newspaper in Madrid, Spain, Huffington Post and many other publications.  For two years, Jarding also served as Editor and Chief writer for the on-line progressive newspaper The Antidote. In addition, for the past several years, Jarding has served as a contributor to the National Journal’s Insider’s Poll.


Additional Select Publications

2017 – Jarding co-wrote the “American” chapter on “Modern Political Advertising” for the international textbook, Handbook on Political Advertising, published by Routledge in 2017.  Historically, this book has been the seminal work on political communication in the world.  This will be the third such rendition of this work in the past 30 years and will have world class communication professors writing “country chapters” for 28 nations from around the world.  

2017 – Nieman Reports Op-ed; Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University; and API Daily Newsletter; “6 Things Journalists Can Do to Win Back Trust,” February 3, 2017


2016 – Vanguardia Dossier Magazine, Barcelona, Spain, “The State of Democracy in the United States” September 22, 2016.


2006 – Co-authored the political book, Foxes in the Henhouse published by Simon and Schuster.  The book was Simon and Schuster’s leading political book in 2006.

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