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Steve Jarding is an educator, a communications expert, and an international political consultant.

Through his 40 year career, Jarding has advised Presidents, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of Congress, Mayors, Governors, Corporate Boards of Directors, C-suite executives, and many others on communications, political campaigns, and message strategy in over 40 countries around the world.

Jarding has served on the faculty of Harvard University's, John F. Kennedy School of Government until July 2019 where for 16 years he became one of the most influential educators through his highly sought after courses "Making of a Politician" and "Political Campaign Management." As a member of the faculty at Harvard, Jarding’s teaching was recognized as ":exemplary "by Kennedy School alumni and his course on campaign management was twice nominated for the "Most Influential Course" award. In 2016, Jarding was voted by the student body as "Teacher of the Year" at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Today, Jarding continues to work, lecture and provide communication training and campaign management training to hundreds of candidates, campaigns, and individuals in the US and around the world including to clients in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and India.

Jarding holds degrees from the University of South Dakota and the University of Oklahoma in government and communications.


Recent Engagements:

  • Standford University Faculty

  • North American Uber Executives,

  • London’s Young Professional Organization

  • Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (India): Advisory Board Member

  • Center for Asian Leadership in Seoul (South Korea): Global Advisory Council Member

  • Aspire Academy (Romania): Member of the Board of Directors

  • SHIKAMO Campaign Services (South Africa)

  • VIP Cybersecurity (New York, USA)

  • Numerous confidential international elected officials and political hopefuls

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